First impression …

People used to judge everything around them from the skin of the book,

In deep inside us, we all have different meanings, different way to use words or things, I know that our differences make us better than being the same.

but Why does everyone give his first impression in a bad way, they don’t give their self a chance to discover the goodness in people?

They have to know that any action does come from them it comes with a big reason,

no one is perfect.

Am not saying that they have the right to cross the line to kill or rob someone, am just saying some times they need another chance so you can understand them, to see through there eyes that they are worth to be known.

Being an understanding person is not easy to be, because I know how much people are Aggressive to practice bullying on each other.

Everyone has a story to tell,

Everyone has a mistake to fix,

Everyone has a dream to make..

Don’t let that first impression make you lose a person you might be thankful that he came into your life.

He might change you to a better person,

Or he might make you regret the day you meet him/her.

In both ways don’t ever feel sorry for your self if that person hurt you or has disappoint you,

Because that person will teach you something in the end of that experience..

don’t heat everyone because of what they did or what you hear about them, because it is so easy to misrepresent a reputation.

In the end, always put your self in their position, then you will know how it feels,

Remember to not forbid people from second chances.


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