What if I couldn’t?!!

What if I couldn’t!?

We hear this word so many times in our life…

Why we always keep feeling scared from facing our problems and hiding our self from being the real person we used to be!!

Why don’t we try to push our self more to gain our goals?

Or to prove ourselves that we deserve better choices to make even if we did a lot of mistakes…

if you couldn’t pass your exam

If you couldn’t make a big achievement,

If you disappoint your love, family, friends, boss…

it is not the end of the world, there is always time to fix everything…

but don’t fix things with rowing people’s life…

Fix it with a soul that is not waiting for any return…

Mistakes are our life,

Mistakes who make us human.

To learn from our mistakes is meaning that we learn from life…

No matter what you did, there is always a door can be opened for you to reborn again and to begin new start , to forgive your soul.


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