Love your day …

when we wake up in the morning to work or school the first impression that comes in mind is we want to hug our pillow and close our eyes again, no one would love to leave their warm bed…

your mind might get used to waking up with negative mood, but have you ever asked your self why do I need to start my day with negativity or why should I hate my day, work or people around me !?

In my Opinion no matter how hard a worker you are or how much is your personality is difficult to deal with people around you, you need to change the way you look at things, start smiling even if there is nothing to smile for, just keep your mind positive so you can move on, because your negativity will never change anything ..

Life is so much simpler if you give your self a chance to discover it with love, Passion, Faith on people and in your self…

what I love about our planet is our differences,

” in a good way “…

To know that there are some other places in this world are different, so many cultures and personalities are amazing, it lets us see the greatness of God in the creation of humans and the creation of this universe.

I hope that one day you will get out from your struggles in life, no matter what happens to us God is watching us, if we tried to be closer to him he will always be with us, just have faith .. and thank God for everything you have…



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